Experimental Game Design @ Game Dev Atlantic 2019

ctrl+R: Reflections on Prompting Reflective Game Design @ Digra Kyoto 2019

Thesis Research Presentation @ WAMQTWCA MDes Showcase 2019

Thesis Research Presentation @ Arts for Education Conference, University of Toronto 2018

Situating Reflective Game Design @ CGSA 2018

GUIDE and Dangerous Play: An Empathetic Game About Coping and Resilience in Well Played Vol. 7 No. 2

Guest Speaker for Game Academics at the 10th Annual Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games.

CGSA 5-Minute Lightning Presentation, Guide: An Exploration of Games for Emotional and Mental Health

SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Winner 2017

ThinkSwiss blog post – “Play, An International Language” 

Panel Speaker at GameZFestival 4.0 – “My favourite Game But Not My Own.”

A Winner of the ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship 2016

Guest Speaker for Empathy and Local Game Development: Game Studies Research at the 9th Annual Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games.

Guest Speaker for Game Studies Research: Works in Progress at the 8th Annual Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games.