RecycleBots (2017)

Role: Art, level design, promotion
Publisher: First Mobile Education
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First Mobile Education proudly presents RecycleBots, a mobile educational game which teaches children and youth about environmental stewardship topics in an experiential way. Designed with New Brunswick grades 2-8 curriculum in mind, the game has players exploring, collecting, and sorting various types of trash into garbage, recycling, or compost.

The story of RecycleBots follows Eco and Binny, two robots mysteriously brought to life after lightning strikes garbage dumped on a beach. After seeing the negative impact of all the trash left in their home, they embark on a mission to clean up the litter and find the source of the pollution. The primary gameplay is presented as a platforming and exploration puzzle to collect the refuse in a crayon and watercolor visual style. It is available on iOS, Android and Windows on the PC.